Taiwan Jellyfig Biotech Co., Ltd.


    Areas of expertise

    Our company is an innovative dosage form company that utilizes the exclusive DDb® drug delivery system and solid dispersion (SD®) dosage form.


    Our company has rich solid dispersion experience, focused on improving the bioavailability of target ingredients, exerting the advantages of small doses, large effects, reducing toxicity and side effects, and developing various innovative health care in two application areas of quick-acting and sustained release.


    The exclusive DDb® technology can increase the drug loading rate and increase the sustained release of non-water-soluble drugs in the gastrointestinal tract. The application of other solid dispersion dosage forms can extend the pharmacokinetic characteristics, increase AUC, and enhance solubility to be quickly absorbed by the body.


    The related technology developed by Our company can be matched with a variety of active drugs and has diversified mass production performance.