• Drug Release Platform

    DDb® Drug Sustained Release Platform

    • DDb® contains a drug sustained Release platform that applies natural polymer structure complex, which can simultaneously achieve uniform dispersion and greatly extend the drug release time.

    • DDb® accurately achieve the high drug loading and the possible release rate according to the requirements of the target active substance. The active substance release the corresponding dose with the disintegration of the three-dimensional structure of the matrix from polymer.

    • DDb® not only be used to encapsulate small molecule, but other biological agents such as macromolecular, proteins, peptides, etc. 

    • DDb® technology platform extend the efficacy, reduce the destruction from the gastrointestinal environment, and enhance the possibility of oral administration.

    • There are many differences between DDb® and other general sustained-release preparations. Presented in the form of granules, can be made at high temperature or low temperature.

    Solid Dispersion Delivery System (dripping pill) SD®

    • SD® by the dripping method is to dissolve, emulsify or suspend the target ingredient in a suitable molten matrix, and drop into an immiscible liquid coolant through a suitable column. Due to the effect of surface tension, the droplets are spherical and cooled to solidify into pills.

    • There are fewer production procedures, simple and centralized equipment, no dust, waste liquid, waste gas and other pollution in the production process, and stable process technology is required.

    • The solid dispersion SD® has high bioavailability. During the process of heating and melting the matrix, the taget ingredients are still evenly mixed in the matrix by the state of molecules, particles, microcrystals . When the liquid is cooled and solidified, the solidification prevents the target ingredients from recrystallizing and being solidified in the original dispersed form. So, SD® can improve the absorption and the bioavailability.

    •  SD® can improve drug absorption and drug stability: it can play a role in covering easily oxidized and volatile drugs. Also, SD® can also cover the bad smell of certain drugs and reduce the irritation.If oil-soluble materials are difficult to absorb by oral route, the absorption efficiency can be improved by SD® dosage form.

    • In addition to oral route, SD® can also be absorbed sublingually, and the effect is more rapid. It can also be used for rectal and vaginal route similar to suppositories. It can also be made into small cavities such as eyes, ears, nose, etc., which have long-lasting drug effects.

    • SD® is small size, light in weight, convenient to take, can be taken without water, not affected by eating. SD® has the advantages of fast absorption, high absorption rate, and small side effects. The single dose is small and the use is accurate and adjustable.